Jonah Hirsch
Software Engineer, Mobile & Web

Google Play
[email protected]


I am a Software Engineer with expertise in Web Development, leveraging Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, and Elixir.
I also have experience developing mobile applications. Primarily Android, and secondarily iOS.

I'm experienced at system administration, administering both Unix/Linux and Windows environments, including hardware, from the end-user system to the servers and network hardware.

I enjoy creating software that, either with simple tools, or with complex applications, improves people's lives.

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Bolt for Tesla

Android application that allows owners of Tesla vehicles to utilize the app Tasker (or other compatible automation apps) to automate various functions of their vehicles.

Viewer for BlackVue

Android application that offers a faster alternative to users of BlackVue Dashcams. The offical app is not only slow, but only allows users to view videos on their Dashcam either over the internet, or when directly connected to the dashcam, which causes them to lose internet access.

Viewer for BlackVue allows users to connect to their dashcam over any WiFi network, allowing the user to remain online. It also offers faster and more reliable video playback than the official app.

Currently rated 4.4 / 5 stars on the Google Play Store

Navigation Share for Tesla

Navigation Share for Tesla is a simple Android utility that fixes an annoyance with the offical Tesla app.

The offical app only lets you send a navigation destination to the vehicle if it comes from Google Maps. This utility allows users to send arbitrary text as a navigation destination, for example, an address sent in a text message

Currently rated 5 / 5 stars on the Google Play Store